Current Events Corporate Governance in the Public Sector

Date: 05 – 06 December 2013 Venue: Copperleaf Estate, Centurion



Best Practices for Aligning Finance with Organisational Strategy

18-19 September 2013 Venue: Johannesburg


Best Practices for Effective Board Leadership

Dates: 25-26th September 2013 Venue: Namibia


Best Practices for Effective Board Leadership

Dates: 16 – 17th October 2013 - Venue: Zambia


Best Practices for Effective Board Leadership

Dates: 20 – 23th October 2013 - Venue: Tanzania


Best Practices for Effective Board Leadership

Dates: 19 – 20th October 2013 - Venue: DRC


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Gen Training & Development is a dynamic training and development company. We strive to provide a unique opportunity for our clients to learn and acquire knowledge and be equipped with valuable skills through a practical “how-to” approach. The success stories and case studies will enhance direct applicability when they return to their respective organizations. We envision ourselves in being forward thinking leaders in inspiring creativity & ingenuity in our clients through our innovative products & services.

What differentiates Gen Training and Development from our competitors?

Extensive research and commitment are our key strengths in ensuring that all our workshops conferences are of top quality standards, thus assuring high returns to our delegates, media partners and sponsors.

What you will gain from attending our events?

  • Widen your contacts with key industry stakeholders: at our events, deals are done and new initiatives are developed
  • Rub shoulders with government Officials, independents and service providers: our events are firm meeting places for the industry
  • Share experiences and get involved in lively discussions on topical issues: our events are designed by the industry for the industry
  • Gain exposure in front of key clients and stakeholders


  • Dr Virginia Masunda, CBZ Life - “Time well spent – eye opener, especially for a person who is from a different footing in business”
  • Luxon Zembe, CBZH - “Enjoyed the program”
  • David Mutambara, CBZ - “This was a worthwhile workshop”
  • Givemore Taputaira, HLS - “Quite some good discussions held during the workshop”